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Someday we will pass by each other and there won’t be an instant ache in the center of my chest,
Someday I will pass by you, and she will be on your arm and I will be able to smile and get through the day without falling apart.
Someday you will pass by me, and the world won’t stop,
Our feet will keep moving,
And we will remember the moments we smiled and fought for each other and laughed,
And that will be enough.

Someday you will get married and I will hear about it from one of our friends,
And I will know the forever once promised was never mine to keep.
You will have children and wrinkles will grow around your eyes, and I won’t be there to see any of it.
You will watch them grow, and learn how to be a parent and how to scold and love at the same time.
You will fall in love with her more each day, you will stand by her side in the seasons when it is cold and your hearts turn to ice, and when the sun bursts through your window and the bitterness begins to thaw.
You will be there and I won’t be.

Because we were two waves thrashing about amongst the sea,
Fighting to stay, fighting to keep,
Always tossed in one direction or another,
But the winds never took us together.
Well now you have found your ocean and I pray you dive in and I pray that you fall asleep with a smile on your face each night.
You will thrive some days and sink others, and that’s okay,
Even though I won’t be there to tell you it will be.

Some day I will pass you by on the streets,
Some day I will hear your name in passing,
Some day I will have lived a full life and will take a walk down memory lane,
And I will remember you,
And how I learned to let go.
So please, don’t be afraid to keep walking when you see me,
I want you to keep walking.
I want you to swim and to soar.
Someday I will learn how too.

nm. (someday)

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